Our Power Booster increases Power, hook set and casting accuracy while reducing wrist pain and arm fatigue. Power Fishing is now possible!

Inventor originally created Turboset to ease wrist pain. After breaking a wrist playing hockey, he experienced pain while fishing.

After creating the first prototype and testing it bass fishing on a Minnesota Lake;the enormous Power was evident and his chronic wrist pain sharply decreased.

He began field testing Turboset with fisherman and fishing pros and they came back with exciting reports.

Turboset works with your natural body musculature and body motion.

Adding the swivel motion of the Turboset device helps improve your fishing technique and helps clear up some fishing “bad habits”.

After more testing we also concluded fishermen could improve their technique using less effort.

If it's Bullin' Bass through the weeds or jiggin' for Walleye all day- Turboset Power Boosters do the trick!

After attaching the Turboset it will take approximately 15-30 minutes to get used to this revolutionary device.

Attach it now go catch it. You will love Turboset.